Three of Canada’s foremost retirement and life educators bring their collective insights, experience and knowledge to bear on the problems that Canadians face in planning retirement.

Using 10 key planning principles, the authors outline a personal perspective on planning that incorporates:

  • Lifestyle planning and design
  • Management of credit and debt
  • Investment planning
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Tax efficiency
  • Legal and estate planning
  • Income design

A personal exercise concludes each chapter allowing readers to apply each principle to their own life and retirement plans.

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“These retirement experts have experience helping over 50,000 (Canadians) achieve personal freedom. They succeeded in condensing all their expertise into this practical and most helpful 200 page book. If you read nothing else about retirement, read this!”

Nell Smith,
Professional Retirement Planner.


“Personal-Finance Book Had Me Gasping. I have to admit I had a few gaps in my knowledge of the personal-finance field. But no more…. they got filled after reading, a book authored by three seasoned financial planners from Alberta: Rein Selles, Jim Yih and Patricia French.” [Read more]

Larry MacDonald,
writes for Canadian Business, MoneySense and Globe and Mail.


“Canadians who are starting to plan for their retirement or already planning it will find this book to be invaluable. Topics discussed include what to expect in retirement both from a lifestyle and financial point of view, debt reduction, investments, insurance, taxes, generating income in retirement and estate planning.” [Read more]

Ram Balakrishnan,
writes for Canadian Capitalist and MoneySense.

$30 CAD*
(includes shipping)