Conference Presentations

Retirement Checklist

Ready or not? The Retirement Checklist is intended to help participants identify key areas of concern in preparing for retirement.  The checklist was prepared by three professional planners and includes a review of personal targets in the areas of lifestyle, personal finance, pensions and estate planning. The session will highlight areas where plans typically fail because of a lack of awareness or the inability to identify the tasks associated with the problem.

Every Financial Road has its Pothole

To go the distance, you have to get ready to do the roadwork.  Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.  Spring roads are full of potholes. How do you avoid potholes and prevent damage to your car?  You watch the traffic flow, plan a different route, avoid puddles, and above all, keep your eyes on the road.  Think of a financial pothole as any change, positive or negative, planned or unplanned, which may impact your financial well-being now or in the future. To deal with financial potholes and manage the changes they may bring, we use strategies that extend from good financial planning.   Whether you are getting ready for a change today or protecting yourself from an unplanned change in the future, having a roadmap to manage change can make for a smoother journey.

Keeping Our Clients Alive:  What Estate Professionals need to know about Retirement Planning

Is there a relationship between retirement and early mortality or is this simply folklore? The goal of the session is to provide participants with a background to the meaning of retirement in today’s society and how personal decision-making around retirement also has implications for estate planning.  This workshop can stand alone or be followed by Living Life without Regret:  The Role of Legacy Planning in Retirement.

Living Life without Regret:  The Role of Legacy Planning in Retirement

This is the second of a two-part presentation on the relationship between estate planning and retirement planning. It will highlight research on the role of living legacies in helping clients organize their thinking and planning for retirement.

No Surprises! What You Might Wish For in a Retirement Plan

Traditional goals around retirement might include travel, time at a lake or visiting with family. Today, however, those goals can be simplified into one key priority – please, no surprises!  The volatility of markets, the uncertainty of pension income, the changing value of residential property and the return of adult children may mean retirement plans feel like one continuous roller coaster ride into the future.  Despite all the uncertainty about the future, there are some basic rules that you can follow to make your retirement a reality.

Planning Your Way Ahead

Learn three quick things to help you plan your way ahead. Find the money to save, invest, or pay down debt, put your debt repayment into high gear, and start now to make your money work (at least as hard as you do)!  Make your financial plan your way!

Putting Economics Back in the Home – The Failure of the Financial Industry in Teaching Canadians How to Handle their Money

The role of teaching financial management was traditionally a role of family members.  During the past decade, however, financial education moved to organizations that were also selling products. The financial industry employed over 750,000 people and generated over 6% of national GDP in 2007. There has been, however, no parallel growth in public understanding of personal finance.  In fact, the lack of financial knowledge among Canadians has become a national issue. In this presentation we look at the issues of financial education and the need to bring it back home.

Stupid Money!

You would think that with eighty or more years of experience, seniors would find a comfort level with money in their lives. In this session we’ll look at the question, “How much is enough?” and see if our relationship to money over our lifetime (and those who have it) creates unique traps in life.

Taking Care of Business….everyday!

One path to financial well being is to align personal behavior with what women value – independence. In a world where everyone else’s business seems to take priority, finding the interest, time and energy to plan for the future seems a goal that can come….later. Retirement planning takes on new meaning when it becomes part of the way we live and take care of ourselves…every day.

Taming Your Paper Tiger

Today, the majority of Canadians invest in mutual funds as a method for diversifying their portfolios. The decision to buy mutual funds came with an unexpected outcome – paper, piles of it!  For many investors, the information received in the mail had little or no meaning. This session will focus on the creation of a personal financial management system that will help sort the paper, provide a focus for goal setting and give a benchmark for future plans.

The Money Tree

What best symbolizes your relationship with money? Does money represent a deep pit, a snake in the grass, a foreign language? My favorite way to relate to money is the word “MINE”. The trouble is that everyone around you is trying to make it THEIRS. Obviously we’ve got some work to do on this and let’s start with your kids.

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