Retirement Coaching (or assessment) is the application of retirement planning principles to your personal situation and goals. It is delivered on a fee-for-service basis and conducted by Rein Selles, a Professional Retirement Planner, at our office.

The outcome of the process is the ability to indicate (with confidence) the answer to the question, “Based on my current circumstances and future goals, can I retire?”


Retirement Coaching involves an evaluation of four areas of your retirement – your preferred lifestyle, options you have for income replacement, necessary risk needed to deal with life expectancy and inflation, and implications for your estate. The interview process is both dynamic and visual.  Our goal is to complete the process in one session lasting from 2-3 hours. Documentation is provided immediately or following the meeting.

Preparation for Appointment

Clients are encouraged to prepare for the meeting by assembling information based on goals, assets and cash flow (now and in the future).  A list of documents that are most useful to the process will be provided at the time your appointment is confirmed.

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment or discuss cost, please contact us.