It was a great course and all expertly tied together with a quick wit and accurate humour. Thanks to you – I’ll recommend it wherever I can.

Just the opposite of “what a waste of time!!” No doubt, one of the most informative and well presented courses that I have attended…… Thank you.

Very worthwhile and informative. Tremendous amount of valuable information. This will certainly help me plan for my happy retirement.

What an excellent session! One of the best courses I’ve ever attended.

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable the instructors were and their ability to explain the options simply and clearly. Enjoyed the humour. 

This was two days very well spent. We wish we had some of this information 10 years ago!

We realize that it is unusual for a company to set aside 2 days for a pre-retirement course. My wife and I are very appreciative to the company for this time. The course was informative, educational and covered all questions, concerns and aspects of retirement. The instructors were very knowledgeable and very accommodating in answering all questions raised or on a one-on-one basis.

I found the course extremely valuable from a personal level and to my work in payroll. I will definitely promote the value of the course to my colleagues. Not only helped myself but helped me decide about family issues (i.e. parents). The choices are mine but I have more pieces of the puzzle to work with. Rein is an excellent facilitator! Thank you so much!

The course was excellent insight to future preparation required for a successful retirement transition. Lifestyle will determine dollars required and I’d never thought that would be the case.

Very extensive course and extremely well presented. Gave me great feeling personally of assurance that retirement will not be the nightmare I anticipated.

The best course and presenters I have heard/had the privilege of attending. The course has been the highlight of my year.

An excellent course with most appropriate material and extremely knowledgeable instructors. Without doubt the most productive period of time I’ve spent on any of the course topics. Thank you!